About Classica Classica Regal

About Classica

In 1991 Regal Ware created Classica, a high quality cookware brand made of multi-layered stainless steel, exclusively for the direct sales industry. Throughout time, Regal Ware has invested in innovation, state of-the-art design, and technology, positioning Classica products as a unique and leading cookware brand because of its multiple characteristics and benefits.

Today, Regal Ware™ is the largest manufacturer of high-quality Direct Sales stainless steel cookware in the United States. Driven by innovative engineering and the tradition of quality that began over 60 years ago, we remain committed to the philosophy of integrity, dedication, performance and pride.

A brief history Classica Regal

A brief history

The history of Regal Ware™ began in 1945, just two weeks before the end of World War II. James O. Reigle had a vision to create "the finest plant with the finest equipment to produce and sell the world's finest cooking ware." J.O. Reigle established Regal Ware as a company dedicated to innovative products designed with the health and nutrition of its customers in mind. While remaining committed to the production of one of humankind's most basic and staple products—cookware—Regal Ware has risen to the top of the industry.

About Regal Ware Classica Regal

About Regal Ware

Regal Ware is a privately-held, American-owned company that takes pride in making products in the USA at its two manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin. Using successful sales and management strategies, state-of-the-art equipment, and astute business acquisitions, Regal Ware's legacy has expanded to embody a history of continuous manufacturing of high-quality cookware.

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